What colour of skin, do death and sufferings acknowledge? Don’t look at me now, pretending, you had no knowledge. Raping my child, breaking my womb, I am forced to wear a viel of gloom. The red of my blood is shadowed by, red quenching the city, All the colours are gone, that once made my… Continue reading #blueforsudan

Pain is pain

Every time you’re hurt, You keep coming, Your heart, is a heart, Others have machines, just running. I’m sick of these guess games, Haven’t you got any other to blame? Please, stop these claims, Your agony is a result of, your own flames. Kept pushing me, Whenever I offered help. Now, when you are drowning… Continue reading Pain is pain


I looked at him while crying, I knew there was no use of trying. You left and moved towards the wood, And I stood there, like you said I should. Every path I take is black, I wonder if you ever going to come back? Whenever these roads try to threaten me, I wish upon… Continue reading Roads

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