Mirror, mirror on the wall. I asked her about the heart with a hole. Empty eyes were actually screaming, scared of nightmares and daydreaming. Four hours she didn’t speak, A powerful soul, within a body so weak. Instead of healing, she keep choosing pain, Stuck in labyrinth of loss and gain. ~Mermaid~


You asked what I have to offer? Well nothing much. Few poetries, painted pots and your sketches on coffee dipped sheets. Weird music, witty remarks and book stores of nearby streets. Few jars of nutella, breakfast dates, And wind chimes on your gates. We both know I’m not going to stay. I promise not to… Continue reading Clichés

Death’s poem

You shall see me, Where these horizons meet. Stay here, quite, Please, have a seat. To end your sufferings, I have come a long way. I promise to take your pain Sorrows and all desires away. You have served the sphere, During these days. You still are unaware, Of world’s greatest ways. Don’t strain, come,… Continue reading Death’s poem


I learned his past present desires to fly, The way he sounds when his demons cry. His scent, voice, fears, Love, was divine. I wanted to claim and make him mine. Under the moonlight, on heart’s call, I was ready to breakdown my heart’s wall. Everything was perfect and fine, until I came to know… Continue reading Shield

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