Don’t just hear,listenwhat one wordwhisper to other,Here, all the words areadjacent yet farhow they managed to exist,I wonder. Also, Instagram


From silent poetry to screaming voice of art I have met people, creative from the heart. They tried to teach structure and rhythm but who they are to decide what we are? I have seen pioneers of colours and words – the weapons which give scars and help the world win wars. From Van GoghContinue reading “Art”

Brown world

Those deep brown eyes Held my gaze, He spoke to me In million different ways. I have loved blue But brown felt more appealing, Galaxies within him Filled me with feelings. Those twinkling eyes Made me freeze, His scent was floating In the cold breeze. A brown world Took over my senses, With his eyesContinue reading “Brown world”

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