Words bleed out of my mouth without my concern, Keep leaving this body with no hint of return. I’m the master of breaking my own heart, with weird thoughts and shattered hope I keep tearing myself apart. You can see me painting canvas, but it’s not me. My scars are on exhibition I don’t want… Continue reading Exhibition


I was devastated when he asked me to leave, A proclamation, really hard to believe. After giving me the sky, he cut off my wings, I never thought, things would be, just things. Not that I am afraid of being alone, But can’t believe a heart can be, just stone. Of course we were different,… Continue reading Caged


I carry you every where just not in my heart, And keep losing my mind at the thought of a new start. Sleepless nights and exhausted will, My soul is lost at the top of a hill. You’re the most prominent scar on my chest, Keep getting worse if I stop to rest. I keep… Continue reading Reminder


Walking through the empty streets, Behind all the crumbling sheets, Listening to my beasts, Crying, on repeat. I know every flower of ceiling, Stumbling under the weight of feelings, Tired of kneeling, Waiting for arrival of healing. My fan is moving, My vision is disproving, All the voices are fooling, Only pain here, is blooming.… Continue reading Fears

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