Pain is pain

Every time you’re hurt, You keep coming, Your heart, is a heart, Others have machines, just running. I’m sick of these guess games, Haven’t you got any other to blame? Please, stop these claims, Your agony is a result of, your own flames. Kept pushing me, Whenever I offered help. Now, when you are drowning… Continue reading Pain is pain

Death’s poem

You shall see me, Where these horizons meet. Stay here, quite, Please, have a seat. To end your sufferings, I have come a long way. I promise to take your pain Sorrows and all desires away. You have served the sphere, During these days. You still are unaware, Of world’s greatest ways. Don’t strain, come,… Continue reading Death’s poem


I learned his past present desires to fly, The way he sounds when his demons cry. His scent, voice, fears, Love, was divine. I wanted to claim and make him mine. Under the moonlight, on heart’s call, I was ready to breakdown my heart’s wall. Everything was perfect and fine, until I came to know… Continue reading Shield


I looked at him while crying, I knew there was no use of trying. You left and moved towards the wood, And I stood there, like you said I should. Every path I take is black, I wonder if you ever going to come back? Whenever these roads try to threaten me, I wish upon… Continue reading Roads


You are not an easy memory to erase. You painted the walls green changed the way my wounds heal, moved the tables and rearranged the surroundings, And left me here, grounded. The flowers you left, Paintings you brought , Garden you planted, and the windchime We have got, Everything here, reminds me of you. Darling,… Continue reading Philistine

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The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me! Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton