Not my usual way of writing. I hope this turns out to be okay. ___________________________________________ In middle of an argument the poet left one day. He was certain that he is better on his own and needs nobody to be content. He left the garden of poppies, went to Amazon, sahara and Everest. He was… Continue reading Dilemma

Be a voice

I know it’s not easy, but trust me, when you refuse to be a victim, they are forced to step down. And remember IT IS NOT NORMAL, it’s NOT a part of growing up. Let your voice be a voice. ___________________________________________ She wanted to be thunder as never liked things to be slow. Went to… Continue reading Be a voice


When war was over I held my tears close, Started walking backwards on the tip of my toes. Painted everything black went back to the shell, I thought light left through my every cell. When courage broke I cried a sea, first time,witnessed a world that was alive within me. Then I realized, regardless of… Continue reading Rainbow


What colour of skin, do death and sufferings acknowledge? Don’t look at me now, pretending, you had no knowledge. Raping my child, breaking my womb, I am forced to wear a viel of gloom. The red of my blood is shadowed by, red quenching the city, All the colours are gone, that once made my… Continue reading #blueforsudan

Poetry on my skin.

Proud on shallow connections, You thrive to earn, All this fake affection, Can’t be a good turn. You ask me to fly, But I don’t want wings, My aim is already high, I don’t need your things. Your energy revolves around the greed, My strength floats within trees. Stop suggesting me to read, I don’t… Continue reading Poetry on my skin.


Walking through the empty streets, Behind all the crumbling sheets, Listening to my beasts, Crying, on repeat. I know every flower of ceiling, Stumbling under the weight of feelings, Tired of kneeling, Waiting for arrival of healing. My fan is moving, My vision is disproving, All the voices are fooling, Only pain here, is blooming.… Continue reading Fears


Alice and the rabbit hole, You’re making me feel whole. Sleeping beauty and spindle, I’m drowning in your dimple. Aladdin and the lamp, You’re my heart’s stamp. Elsa and her magic, World can be better, just imagine. Me and you, I want this to be true. I know, There are consequences of loving forbidden things,… Continue reading Forbidden


Wolves are hollowing at the peak, Birds going total freak. Is this reality or a dream? I can sense some subtle screams. Intense, destructive and cold breeze, Is this city on the verge to freeze? I may sound off, i may sound mad, But this clime is, really bad. In a blink of eye, Earth… Continue reading Hailstorm