A war of Poppies- a collaboration

How to suck color out a rainbow palette? Is it possible for humans? They always suck the red out of wounds and then blame the flesh for not being enough. Beauty lies beneath wounds. But humans scrape wounds off shamelessly instead. If the sky was painted black will it shield the wounded hearts? Once IContinue reading “A war of Poppies- a collaboration”

//Touch has a memory//

I have been pretty transparent, if you’re really looking.On my skin, you could see the boy with hazel eyeswith softest curls and the way,he is touching my skin just by looking,You can feel the metaphorsrunning along my hairto your fingers;you can sense the memoriescurling up your hand.Will remind you of the last kissor I’ll fillContinue reading “//Touch has a memory//”

Things unsaid

Here’s a collaboration with Bharath.Check out his mind. A bag full of memories A jar full of tears Sand in my shoes Fears up my sleeves. A mind filled with fears Voice full of melodies Eyesight soaking in the hues I carry down this road. A world invisible is what I see The touch IContinue reading “Things unsaid”

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