Gods are dying in my country.

Centuries ago, during the
course of evolution, humans
brought the whole species
together, on the base of
One belief system; Religion.
We thrived. They say nothing lasts
forever; humans have this obsession
with change,
To know more, To be more.

And now ( fast forward to ‘I’ )
As ‘act of God’
I see my country moulding
beliefs of generations.
God has now become a tool
To control masses; we are given a
Reason to be scared of the sacred.
I see them locked in fancy buildings
like you and me, having 
‘no right to speech’, worse,
they can’t even speak because
no one is actually asking them.

/I used to think/
I’m an atheist/
but lately/ I have started to
believe otherwise/ like y’all/
I too have a holy book/

My God is as panicky and breathless
as yours. I watch TV
till my heart starts aching,
I clutch the Constitution
close to my flesh, with hopes
of lending some air to it;
I hear him suffocating.
Then I sleep to the weeping
sound of my God (Constitution);
who cries with all the other Gods
because Gods are dying in my country.

Prompt by Samyak


  1. Thank you for sharing!… before my late wife’s passing she were visited by a Chaplain, he ask her if she had a religion and she said “No”, he then ask her if she believed in the hereafter and she said “Yes”, he then said “Good, for it is what is in the heart that matters, not a name above a door”… 🙂

    Hope all is well in your part of the universe and life is all that you wish for it to be!.. 🙂

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  2. Unfortunately far too many “Christians” are not Christ-followers and have replaced The God Who Is Here with religion, pleasure or power.
    Most often this religion of power comes in the form of political influence.
    There is a “real” God, the creator of all things and He has revealed Himself through Jesus, called the Christ. Find Him and you will find that for which your soul is searching.
    John 17:3

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    1. It’s not about just one religion. I see this happening all around me and the important part is people need to understand why religions were formed at the first place.


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