A lot

You try to hide your women
in thin threads of colour
and religion.
You hide them
behind the shattered
ceilings of your sin.
And you tell them
“It’s for your protection”.

You stop women
from going out,
meeting people,
and cover the
thick khol of their eyes
and you tell them
“this is because I love you”.

You beat your women
for having a voice,
a right,
an opinion,
revolutionary sight.
and you tell them
“it’s because you’re mine”.

You are against your women
for having an education,
to get a degree,
and to work in
cooperative sector.
And you tell them
“It’s because you won’t fit”.

You rape your women
because the clothes
were reveling,
her walk was appealing,
and sometimes,
only because of the gender.
And you tell them
“It was your fault”.

Every other day,
You tell your women things
You instruct,
You command
A lot.
And justify saying
“You don’t know enough”.

So, today
I’m here to tell you.
You do all of this
because you know,
1. They don’t need your protection.
2. You’re in love with the bodies.
3. They fit everywhere. Because you know If you can fit in them, they can fit the whole world in them.
4. Every time you say it’s their fault, you show your cowardice in accepting yours.
5. And you definitely know, that your women know A LOT, more than all of  you combined. And you’re just scared of the things they know.

And everytime you break a woman, you break yourself.


  1. Very sad that it is happening across the world,I tell you all the women over there that you have to acquire the real power ,the power of Spirituality to give a befitting reply to those who look down upon women as commodities. Once you have a good relationship with the supreme judge men of evil intentions will not only fear you but they will not dare to come near you with evil intentions because they will be able to see your most powerful guardian beside you.No body else will be able to see the angel but only the dirty people.Thanks a lot for the lovely message.Take care.🌹👍🙏

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  2. Power yet sad as well. It’s a reality that need to be talked, discussed about. Thank you for boldly approaching it.
    It does trigger a change in the mind set and social structures that belittle women.

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  3. The bitter truth of the society we live in!!! It’s just so sad that this still happens in the 21st century!! Thank you for expressing this injustice in such a beautiful way

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