You are
not an easy
memory to erase.

You painted the walls green
changed the way my wounds heal,
moved the tables and rearranged
the surroundings,
And left me here,

The flowers you left,
Paintings you brought ,
Garden you planted,
and the windchime
We have got,
Everything here, reminds me of you.

Darling, you are the artist I craved!!

But now
I want to run away
from every memory
we shared.

Categorized as poetry

By Mermaid

Hello there! My name is Kajal. I started blogging on 21 September,2018, it was purely random as I needed a space to pour my heart and thoughts out. This place is my safe space where I let my fingers and feelings run free to curate poems and to rant about things that are bothering my thoughts.My journey here has been bittersweet and wonderful at the same time. But because of all the love I received here, I keep coming back to read and write.You all have been great support and advicers to me and I'm really greatful. Your feedback, emails and comments keep the mermaid inside me going :)


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